What are you looking for?

Flash brings popular web services right into your chat window.


"What's that?"

Flash integrates Wikipedia information with a simple "what is?" command.

"Where can I listen?"

Flash provides song links, song lyrics, and more information with a simple command.

"Where can I watch?"

One command on Flash lets you know if and where your favorite streamers are live.

"What game is that?"

Flash can link you to any game on Steam and show you the price, release info, and more.

Fast access to the services you love.

Flash is faster than launching a browser or app. One command can get you the information or link you need.

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Command List

How do I use Flash?

Flash doesn't currently use slash commands - the prefix instead is '>'. For example, you'd type >g 'game' to search for a game. If these aren't working, try the following:

If the above options don't work, contact me.

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