I'm a fourth-year CS student with a focus in human-computer interaction.

My Work


I developed a mental health application using Node.js and external APIs to serve media to over 450 communities worldwide, with the goal of improving mental health. Alongside this application, I deployed storage and web servers, and a community hub for users to give feedback and report problems quickly. View Wellness here.

Quiz Bowl

Previously, quizmasters had to pick out questions and assemble sheets of them manually. I'm managing a team that's building and deploying a robust full-stack cloud solution with Azure that automates preparations for quiz bowl events for quizmasters.


I created this website using Next.js, a framework for React, and currently host it on the Azure Cloud Platform to display my online presence and serve as a frontend webpage for some of my other services. The source code for ACLD is available on my GitHub here. I also keep the source code for the previous static version of this website public, located here.


I collaborated with a team to design an intuitive interface for a media streaming app that allowed users to find what they wanted faster, across multiple platforms at once. Look at the concept designs for Stroogle here.

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I designed this website using Next.js and host it using the Azure Cloud Platform. For service status, visit the ACLD Instatus page. Thanks for visiting!