Cats, dogs, and much more...

Wellness provides a ton of image and mental health commands to your server.


If it's cute, it's probably here.

Wellness serves more than 12 different types of animals and 2 types of foods. Don't see what you like? Request it to be added in the support discord.

You matter too.

Wellness helps you get in touch with support groups, do breathing exercises, and in the future, reminders.

Involve your friends.

Not only can you request images in your own chat, but you can send them to anyone in your server easily.

Set boundaries.

If you don't like being directly delivered images, no worries - just disable and re-enable it at any time with a simple command. You're always in control of your preferences.

It's verified.

If you pay attention to that detail, you'll be happy to know that Wellness has that checkmark as well!

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Mental Health

Help / Settings

How do I use Wellness?

Excellent question - Wellness uses slash commands! These pop up when you type a slash in the chat window. Wellness does not respond to normal commands with a prefix. If you do not see any commands when you type a slash, try the following:

If the above options don't work, contact me.

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