Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

These terms apply to all services offered by me. Please read them carefully.

Last updated: May 9th, 2022

Terms of Service

By using any of my services (defined as services designed, built, or hosted by this website or the owner of this website) you automatically agree to be bound by the latest version of the terms. Usage of Discord, the bot is built on, is subject to Discord's terms, which you can find here.

None of my services are guaranteed uptime. Servers may need to be taken offline periodically for updates/maintenance or other unspecified reasons. I (and my server's provider) reserve the ability to do this without notice and without any expectation of return time. There is no compensation available. I provide no warranty or guarantee.

Usage of your data on any of my services is governed by the privacy policy, located below the terms of service on this page. Scroll down to view this document.

You cannot use my services to harm yourself or others in any way, nor can you attempt to harm the services themselves. You also cannot use my services to perform illegal activites.

Code for some of my services may be made available online as a show of goodwill. This does NOT allow you to distribute this code for yourself, claim credit for it in any way, or run it privately on your own machine.

I reserve the right to remove your access to the services at any time for any reason, including breach of any of the above terms. Depending on the severity and circumstances, legal action is also possible.

For inquiries, contact [email protected]

Privacy Policy

Although my services (defined as services designed, built, or hosted by this website or the owner of this website) make efforts to avoid collecting or using personal data (defined as data that can be used to personally identify or is objectively linked to you), some of it is required to operate the services. This policy governs how your data is stored, used, and your rights regarding this usage.

My services may use any of the following (but not limited to) data:
- Your discord username, ID, or discriminator (the four digit number at the end).
- Your profile picture.
- Your nickname on some servers.

If at all possible, this data is not stored. When it is, it is stored on private servers that also host the bot itself. This data is never uploaded anywhere else, nor is it kept for longer than necessary (except when required by law). I make every reasonable effort to protect this data, but make no guarantees to its safety.

You have the right to view and request deletion of your data. For either of these requests, please email [email protected] and include your discord user ID and username. Please note that a permanent deletion will result in a blacklist.

This privacy policy is not all-encompassing. For inquiries, contact [email protected]

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